Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gosh Darn It

Mom had a nice visit with Mike and Abby. They all went out to dinner at the Bear Republic (one of my favorite treats) and my friend Emily just happened to be there. She wrote on my wall (Facebook Thingy) right away saying that mom looked "AWESOME."

I know that mom's been pretty tired though. Also, the other night she commented on how cold she was, so I asked if she had a fever. She didn't know but said she'd check. Well apparently she did have a fever.

Today she was at the oncology center and they gave her chemo anyway (despite the fever last night). They also ordered a bunch of new tests (more ultrasounds, x-rays and CT Scans). So she'll be busy this week with medical tests. Please keep her lifted in prayer - She really does have a positive attitude and that's great. It's just frustrating for me to hear of more tests - this bites.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Doing Well

Mom came home from the Hospital early this week. Saw Dr. Anderson and received Chemo already! After getting her dose of chemo she even went shopping. I talked with her yesterday and today and she seems to be doing well. Mike and Abby arrive tomorrow morning so I hope everything stays on a good course for her through the weekend at least!!!

Really hasn't been anything new. Mom did arrange for some house cleaners - and she LOVES that. She said it's quite a LUXURY but I say she deserves it!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Well, she's planning to go home today. She is still at the hospital right now...but should probably be home later this afternoon.

Uncle Mike and Cousin Abby are coming to visit her this Weekend.

Plans for the next Chemo are currently on hold...just because of the infection, hospital visit and such. Technically though she's ALMOST DONE with the original chemo plan (which was six rounds of the chemo). She has had 4 out of the 6!!!

So - Hopefully she'll have a good week and a GREAT time with Mike and Abby!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Latest

Well...Mom is back in the Hospital. Looks like she'll be there a couple days at least. I don't totally know what it is...but apparently she is "Septic." From talking to friend who is a nurse and from checking out webMD I found out that people receiving chemo are prone to this sepsis because their immune systems are compromised. It is basically an infection.

She was supposed to go up today for labs, so that she could get TAXAL (chemo) tomorrow. Last night however, she got super sick. She had the chills, shaking and was very weak. Dad took her up to see Dr. Anderson and he said no to chemo tomorrow. He called the hospital and told them mom was coming. So they got her all checked in and she'll be there for a couple days.

I know it's not good news...but I also think she is in good hands for now. I know she'll be disappointed missing Pascha this weekend but hopefully she'll be better soon!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


The results of the Genetic Testing are in! Three tests were performed and the results on all three were "NO MUTATIONS DETECTED."

So I'm not a geneticist, or whatever you call someone who studies genetics, but apparently this means that it is NOT Hereditary. That is Good News.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Thank You Note to All

To My Dear Family, Clergy, and Friends,

First of all I want to ask that you accept this generic letter as "the best I can do for now"...... but more importantly as an expression of my deepest gratitude to all of you. The outpouring of prayer, great healing thoughts, love, concern, and of course great medical care has been overwhelming the past 4 months. There are so many of you to thank I do not know of any other approach. The paper and postage cost for this mailing alone will run right along side the cost of my co-pay for medical services.

While hospitalized in February at Memorial Hospital my condition was far more critical than I realized at the time. With your support and care I guess "I beat the odds" and now am on a miraculous road to recovery. It appears this may be a lifetime struggle for me but as with so many of you (my personal support group) SO BE IT!

I've missed so many Church services during the 2 most beautiful seasons of the year - Easter and Christmas.....but I've been there in spirit. And the parties and social gatherings - the 50's Beatnik Dinner and Poetry Reading, the 40 Years and Still Rollin' party, the retirement parties, Italian Vacation movie night, SSA lunches and so much more. Please accept our apologies for missing - you know Craig and I NEVER plan on missing great fun and friends and we were with you in thought (and regret).

We both truly want to thank all of you from my fabulous doctors, the great medical staff at Memorial, my loving and supportive family, all my wonderful Clergy and church family, and our lifelong friends from work, the car club, the neighbors. The flowers, fruit baskets, cards, calls, visits, gifts and meals are indescribable. What more can I say but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

We love you all!

Barb and Craig

Monday, April 6, 2009

Port In (La La La La La) I can barely stand to think about it...but the Port is in! The "La la la la la" is just me going to my happy place (can't stand the thought of this). Mom said that she was "consciously sedated" and she doesn't really know what that means other than she was kind of asleep, it didn't hurt, and she heard them say "OK we're done" yet she didn't know they had started. Guess that's good right? Oh and Gracie (her friend from church, who volunteers at Memorial) got to wheel her out, so that was nice.

As for this Friday, Dr. Anderson told her to cancel her trip to UCSF, so that she could get her BIG CHEMO (all three medicines). Chemo is more important right now than going to San Francisco for the Hysterectomy Follow up. And since the Chemo is working, we don't want any set backs. Her CA125 score is down to 12 (from 32 last time) and he wants to get her into single digits.

She'll follow up with Dr. Field the local OB-GYN regarding Hysterectomy follow up though.

I know she's picking up steam (trying new things everyday), but this weekend and early next week might be rough since this Friday will be all three drugs. That usually kicks her butt pretty good. BUT you know she'll be back up soon!!!

That's about it for now. Good Night.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chemo, Port, UCSF

Ok - I had to remember those three things for this update.

Mom has Chemo tomorrow (Friday). Just the Taxal again. Then on Monday she has to go to Memorial Hospital at 7am to get a Port installed...inserted...whatever they do with a port....she was telling me in detail and I had to go to my happy place....because I don't handle that stuff well. She said her veins are collapsing or something, making it hard for them to get into each time she goes for chemo. The chemo must do a job on your veins because I remember when I was there in February, several nurses said "oh you have good veins." I remember that because when Grandma Georgia had her heart attack they had to take veins out of her arms or something because she had had her leg veins stripped or something.... (sorry small tangent).

Anyway, after they put that port in on Monday, she'll go home (same day) no biggie. Then NEXT Friday she goes back to the University of California at San Francisco to see Dr. Chan the surgeon. This is her 3 month check up following the surgery.

OH YEAH and something else...SHE DROVE TODAY for the FIRST time in 3 MONTHS!!! Can you imagine???