Monday, August 31, 2009

End of Summer Update

So it seems that Barb has been around the world... oh alright, so just around part of the United States Anyway! She is FEELING GOOD and her hair is growing in (as if that is all that matters)!!!

This Summer she had a Follow up appointment (described in our last posting), She had some fun with CJ there in CA, Then she spent some time in the Midwest at her 40th High School Reunion (Go Raiders) and hanging out here in Kansas City.

She's back at home and the most recent word was that her CA 125 was at a 7. Now remember that isn't the best indicator for her....but that is still really good news. Since there really isn't much else to report - Mom just wanted me to THANK everyone for their continuous Love and Prayers. We know you don't all check this very often but we are keeping it "LIVE" so WE remember what she went through, to provide help to others experiencing similar plights, and so that we can continue to celebrate her success & joys throughout her treatments and living her life!!!