Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 28, 2010 Update on Barb

Every once in while I get a follow up "How is your mom?" So I thought I better update everyone that was FOLLOWING!

Just over TWO years ago, Mom/Barb was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. If you kept up with the blog, you know that things went pretty CRAZY at first. Once we got the treatments going though, the dust started to settle.

Anyway - in the last couple months she has had some important milestones in her CANCER Journey! In November she hit the 1 year mark for being CANCER FREE and without TREATMENTS for one year. A couple weeks ago her CT Scan was CLEAN and her CA125 was a 2 (I think that is the lowest it's ever been).

TODAY her PORT was removed!!!

We can't assume the story or journey ends here - but this is CERTAINLY GREAT NEWS for now! She will be closely monitored by the oncologist for at least the next three years and will have routine CT Scans and CA125 tests. We also know that any time she gets a cold or flu, she (along with the rest of us) will panic and think the cancer is back....but at this point she is REALLY GREAT!

Thank you all for your unending care, concern and of course PRAYERS!!! Bring on 2011!!!