Monday, May 25, 2009

Weighing the Options

Barb, our super hero, is nearing the end of her treatment plan. The outlook was grim but the doctors have been so impressed with her response to the disease fighting infusions they've been giving her. They say she can:

A. Continue with Taxal, once a month for a year with close monitoring (turn to page 62)


B. Stop the treatments altogether and be closely monitored (turn to page 65)

But since this is real life and not a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book...we can't really look ahead. What we do know is that Mom is down to two more treatments (May 26 and June 2).
These are the last of the Original 6 treatments that she was scheduled to get (that somehow turned into like 15 or so...that just according to me...I don't really know how many she's gotten).

Anyway, She's weighing her options and talking to people. She has some friends who have faced ovarian and other forms of cancer and have "beat the odds." So she's talking and planning and moving on...but in what direction? FORWARD.

She's looking forward to our visit this summer and her 40th High School Reunion in August. That's about it for now though.


  1. Thanks for the update Kara. I'm praying for guidence for you Aunt Barb.


  2. Thanks Kara for keeping everyone updated on your MOM.
    We worry about her, but she is a strong person
    and a survivor. Just one more treatment Barb.
    Our prayers are with you and your family.
    Keep the FAITH!!!
    Janet & Paul

  3. Barb, Emilia and I pray for you every morning in our daily prayers. Glory be to God for His great mercy and for giving you the strength to get through this. We love you!

    Macrina and all the Lewis family