Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Latest

Well...Mom is back in the Hospital. Looks like she'll be there a couple days at least. I don't totally know what it is...but apparently she is "Septic." From talking to friend who is a nurse and from checking out webMD I found out that people receiving chemo are prone to this sepsis because their immune systems are compromised. It is basically an infection.

She was supposed to go up today for labs, so that she could get TAXAL (chemo) tomorrow. Last night however, she got super sick. She had the chills, shaking and was very weak. Dad took her up to see Dr. Anderson and he said no to chemo tomorrow. He called the hospital and told them mom was coming. So they got her all checked in and she'll be there for a couple days.

I know it's not good news...but I also think she is in good hands for now. I know she'll be disappointed missing Pascha this weekend but hopefully she'll be better soon!

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