Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chemo, Port, UCSF

Ok - I had to remember those three things for this update.

Mom has Chemo tomorrow (Friday). Just the Taxal again. Then on Monday she has to go to Memorial Hospital at 7am to get a Port installed...inserted...whatever they do with a port....she was telling me in detail and I had to go to my happy place....because I don't handle that stuff well. She said her veins are collapsing or something, making it hard for them to get into each time she goes for chemo. The chemo must do a job on your veins because I remember when I was there in February, several nurses said "oh you have good veins." I remember that because when Grandma Georgia had her heart attack they had to take veins out of her arms or something because she had had her leg veins stripped or something.... (sorry small tangent).

Anyway, after they put that port in on Monday, she'll go home (same day) no biggie. Then NEXT Friday she goes back to the University of California at San Francisco to see Dr. Chan the surgeon. This is her 3 month check up following the surgery.

OH YEAH and something else...SHE DROVE TODAY for the FIRST time in 3 MONTHS!!! Can you imagine???


  1. She also came to church for Pre-santified liturgy at 12:30PM (Craig brought her), AND SANG WITH US! Barb you are truly AMAZING!!!

    Hope the chemo today goes well and that they don't have too much trouble getting a good vein. I can identify with that problem. When I was getting IV antiobiotics last fall (4 time a day) they ended up putting a pic? line in because my veins were also collapsing. A port is a better long term solution because you don't have to protect it every time you shower.

    Thanks Kara for keeping us all posted. You are all in our prayers.


  2. Yes, and I underline what Bobbi said, Barb you ARE amazing, and an inspiration for us!
    I think the port is a good idea, it gets so so so unpleasant to have to get needled so often.
    many prayers,and lots of love,

  3. Hi Barb

    I hope that the chemo went well, as well as chemo can go. Take care.


  4. Barb - Singing and Driving?! You DO inspire us!

    The port is a really good idea. Never had one, but I understand it is much better than the chemo nurse searching for a vien thru trial and error -ouch! Hope things went well today with the insertion of the port.

    Much love, good thoughts and prayers.

    Janet R.