Monday, April 6, 2009

Port In (La La La La La) I can barely stand to think about it...but the Port is in! The "La la la la la" is just me going to my happy place (can't stand the thought of this). Mom said that she was "consciously sedated" and she doesn't really know what that means other than she was kind of asleep, it didn't hurt, and she heard them say "OK we're done" yet she didn't know they had started. Guess that's good right? Oh and Gracie (her friend from church, who volunteers at Memorial) got to wheel her out, so that was nice.

As for this Friday, Dr. Anderson told her to cancel her trip to UCSF, so that she could get her BIG CHEMO (all three medicines). Chemo is more important right now than going to San Francisco for the Hysterectomy Follow up. And since the Chemo is working, we don't want any set backs. Her CA125 score is down to 12 (from 32 last time) and he wants to get her into single digits.

She'll follow up with Dr. Field the local OB-GYN regarding Hysterectomy follow up though.

I know she's picking up steam (trying new things everyday), but this weekend and early next week might be rough since this Friday will be all three drugs. That usually kicks her butt pretty good. BUT you know she'll be back up soon!!!

That's about it for now. Good Night.

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  1. Kara, you are so cute with the la la...thing. I do the same when it comes to needles. However, i can dissect a horse leg in a Farrier Science Class, go figure? With chemo focus drive down that CA125 score, your on you way Barb! Recently, on TV's Mystery Diagnosis, a gal had ovarian cancer with an enormously swollen stomach and many symptoms sounding like you had Barb along with a hysterectomy...she is in year four remission...better days are coming!
    Love you,