Monday, April 20, 2009


Well, she's planning to go home today. She is still at the hospital right now...but should probably be home later this afternoon.

Uncle Mike and Cousin Abby are coming to visit her this Weekend.

Plans for the next Chemo are currently on hold...just because of the infection, hospital visit and such. Technically though she's ALMOST DONE with the original chemo plan (which was six rounds of the chemo). She has had 4 out of the 6!!!

So - Hopefully she'll have a good week and a GREAT time with Mike and Abby!


  1. Hi Barb: Glad to hear from your blog that you are coming home today, Monday. There is no place like home!! Our prayers continue to flow your way.
    Welcome HOME!!!

    Love, Janet & Paul

  2. Glad to hear that you are getting better from the infection. That is awesome that you are almost through your chemo treatments. You know that we all love you and hope that all continues to go well for you. Enjoy Mike & Abby while they are there, wish we could come also, BUT we need to stay home for the Spring Church dinner. We'll be thinking of you. Love to all of you and take care.

    Love Becky

  3. Christ is Risen! Indeed He is risen! Happy Pascha, Barb. We continue to think about you and pray for you up here in WA. I was thinking about you a lot on Sunday (Pascha) as I was home with a 10-hour intensive gall bladder attack. So for awhile there I was with you in both body and spirit! Keep hanging in there. Love, Macrina and family

  4. Would love to see you when you are up for a short visit. Thinking about you often!

  5. Christ is Risen! I hope that you are home, doing well and enjoying Bright Week! You are in all of our thoughts and prayers! Hopefully you will be up to a visit sometime soon.