Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ask Your Doctor...

This bumper sticker is Mom's new motto. For those of you that don't know, she heard about the CA125 test on TV. In 2007 she requested that the lab run the CA125 test at the time of her annual exam...they didn't. In 2008 she requested it again and they said no, then she put her foot down and said "I want the results of the CA125." The results came back "slightly elevated" but this truly is what got her doctor thinking she had cancer!

So, if you hear something on TV and think you should follow up on it...DO!

Mom had chemo on Thursday and did good Thursday & Friday but now yesterday and today have been pretty miserable. She's been really tired and had lots of nausea. She's looking forward to good week ahead though!


  1. I remember emails being passed around(including to you Barb)on the necessity of requesting that the CA125 test be done. From what i understand Doctors don't run the test because they say it isn't always accurate? Thank goodness for your perserverence in being your own advocate! Hang in there this week Barb...thinking of ya lots. Debbie

  2. I sent this out to my whole list a couple of years ago. Thank God it was one 'Please forward' I didn't ignore!!

    Love to all of you who love Barb. You are all such a blessing.