Sunday, March 8, 2009

Running around with no hair on!

he he he...I was just talking to mom on the phone when she said... "Oh shoot, someone is here and I'm running around with no hair on!" Oh my goodness that made me laugh (and hopefully you too).

Anyway, she's feeling pretty good and has an exciting week ahead.

Monday she's hoping to stop in at Roundtable for a SHORT lunch with her SSA Friends.
Wednesday she's meeting with the Pain Specialist to hopefully reduce the meds.
Thursday she gets labs done and meets with Dr. Anderson (her oncologist).
Friday she is going to have a visit from her brother/my uncle Jack!

She doesn't have anything planned for Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday Afternoons - but that's probably a good thing. She still needs lots of rest!

She's been reading emails - but says she can't respond to them. She tries to and then has to move on to something else and if you've been reading comments you'll find that this is actually called "CHEMO BRAIN." Some friends who have been through chemo reminded her that this is actually a side effect of the chemo.

That's really about it for now - here is a cute picture of mom enjoying her new hair do (so what she looks like when she has the wig on...not so sure she wants me posting a bald one yet). Have a great week!


  1. Wow, Aunt Barb...I think you look GREAT!!! Very happy and just darling in that hair of yours! We miss and love you and think of and pray for you daily! I'm still going for the 10th, so I have 2 more days. We'll see what happens! :) Love, Brandy.

  2. Hi Barb:
    Your new hair style looks great. The smile on you face tells us you are in a GOOD PLACE now. Stay there!!! Our prayers and thoughts are with you daily. Love, Janet & Paul Firpo

  3. Love the hair! I think every woman should have a fabulous wig, cancer or not. Your smile radiates and definitely warms the heart. Lots of love and good thoughts to you!

  4. Barb,
    Love the hair! It looks like you're ready to go shopping at Rehan's before we have cheerleading practice.


  5. Barb,
    You look great!!!!! I am happy you are feeling better.
    hugs and kisses,
    Deborah Besnia