Thursday, March 19, 2009

Long Day

Hello Hello

Sorry there hasn't been an update lately. Last week mom's chemo plan changed because her counts were too low. Today was the new day though. She went up yesterday and her counts were good. So this morning she went up about 9:30 ish. She recieved Taxal, CarboPlatin, and Avastan. Avastan is a new "experimental" drug that is typically used with colon and breast cancers. It is not actually a chemo but a booster for the chemo....if I understood correctly. She was in the chair today till about 4:30.

Tomorrow she'll have a CT scan but won't know the results for a while because Doc is out of town. BUT, from all the blood they've been taking Doc's been pleased because her CA125 result is coming down. CA125 was the test that got the docs thinking she had cancer in the first place. I don't know that I have all the numbers right but I think this is the breakdown (please don't hold me to this):

Her First Test 56 (Doc's think - hmmm maybe she has cancer)
Another Test 167 (when she was in the hospital)
And Now she's down to 32 (or something that seems to be in the "normal" range)

Anyway - we talked tonight and she sounded good.

She had a class on Monday at the Cancer Society and learned how to do her make up once she loses her eyebrows and lashes. She said it was good. No one in the class knew she was wearing a wig, until she told them!!! She also learned how to make a turban out of a t-shirt, she thought that was pretty cool.

That's about it for now. It was a long day for her...and she doesn't know how to work the if there are any iPod specialists out might drop by and teach her how to use it. She would also like some help downloading some podcasts from Ancient Faith if you can help her figure out how to use the iPod and download stuff, make a date with her and get to it!!!

Thanks all for your continued prayers, and thoughts for her restored health. Ta ta for now.

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