Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A little slideshow with pics of BARB


  1. Thanks for doing this, Kara. It's so hard to be far away from the people you love, and your blog makes it easier for all of us to stay up-to-date and lend our support.

    Judy McCormally

  2. Barb, Please know that our thoughts and prayers are for your comfort and recovery. It's got to be good to be home from that "hotel"! I love all the pics!
    Kara, keep up the great work on this site. It's a great way for us back in Iowa to keep up on Barb's progress!
    Barb Pittman

  3. kara
    after looking at pics of you for the last 30 years i finally see how much you look like your mom and also that you inherited her same toughness and positive outlook. the blog is fantastic, and it is so tough that it has to be under these circumstances
    stay tough all of you
    pete barber

  4. Dear Barbie,

    Fight the fight and BEAT that entity trying to interrupt your life. Yes, chemo will get you down, temporarily, but ultimately your body fights back with its amazing healing powers. Seen this in three cases very close to me. I will never underestimate its Devine design and ability to regenerate. Hang in there dear lady through the difficult times and remember you are so dear to my heart, now, and always. Debbie