Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

Mom is doing pretty good today! Aunt Kathy and I got there this morning and she was awake (happy to see Aunt Kathy).

Three Docs came by to see her and it sounded like everything was looking good:
1) Dr Keiser (on call for Anderson her Oncologist) came in first - said he'd looked through her file and everything was looking good.

2) Dr Johansen was next - he's the pain specialist. He upped her pain medicine again so that she doesn't have to keep pressing the button to administer it herself. Last I heard, about 20 minutes ago from Marcus, her pain was down to a 3 on a 1-10 scale. That is FANTASTIC because she has consistently been anywhere from 5-22 over the last week.

3) Dr James was last and he's the urologist who is keeping an eye on her kidney functioning. He said her kidneys are near perfect but he's still keeping an eye on it (so this too is great news).

Then Father Lawrence, came today with a small crew (Nicholas, Genevieve, and Maggie) and gave mom Holy Unction.

Dad, CJ and I are making dinner quick and then we'll head back to the hospital to deliver a Valentine to her.

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