Friday, February 27, 2009

The Chemo Effects

So Mom came home this week and was feeling pretty good! Yesterday and Today though, she is really starting to feel the Chemo Effects. Nausea, tiredness, and her hair is starting to come out. As you can see in the picture she still has hair, but I think as she showers and combs through, more and more is coming out. When she received the Cancer Diagnosis she was game for a wig...and now after trying 3 on...she might be leaning more towards HATS!

I talked to her today for just about 2 minutes and she was pretty tired and was struggling to find something that "TASTED" good. She says that everything tastes sour (and this too is a side effect of the chemo).

That's all for now - she's still glad to be home - it's just a little difficult trying to figure out how the chemo is going to effect her.

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  1. Hi Barb,

    I'll be bringing you food Monday after work. I'm so glad you are home now. And so glad that Kara has created this fantastic blog to keep us all posted on how you are doing.

    I vote for hats. I have a friend at work who developed a great collection of hats during her chemo. Who knows. You may decide you like them even after your hair comes back.

    You are in our prayers now and always, as is your entire family.

    Much love,