Thursday, February 19, 2009

Looking Forward

There really isn't anything new to report. Mom is still in the Hospital, she is still really groggy/tired, she is still on pain medicine (although it is a different one now), she is able to eat some real food now (and is still being supplemented by the IV). She's getting up about once a day to walk around the oncology unit with a physical therapist.

Dr. Anderson (Oncologist), Dr. Field (OBGYN), and Dr. Johansen (Pain Specialist) were all in today and are pleased with her progress. They say she looks great. Mom said "I must look like a million bucks when I'm not in here if they think I look great!"

So far all of her blood counts are looking good, so we are looking forward to TUESDAY February 24, when they hope to administer her 2nd round of chemo.

When mom had her surgery, they removed everything they thought was cancerous. Between the time of her surgery and the follow up CT Scans they think there was NEW GROWTH, so new tumors growing at a rapid rate.

As for visitors - IF you stop up to see her You should BE SURE that you don't have a Cold, Sore Throat, or any other sickness as the chemo weakens her immune system. In order for mom to stay strong, she needs to NOT be exposed to anything. ADDITIONALLY visits should be kept to a minimum (like 10 minute visits). I think that with the new news (from 2/21/2009) mom will be going home sooner that we anticipated, so you might just hold off until she goes home.


  1. Thanks so much for keeping us posted, Kara.

    I wasn't clear from your posts below - does your Mom have other tumors they are going after, or is it the activity of the "floaters" they are worried about?

    Please let your Mom know we are praying for her up here in WA state and her name will go in to our Liturgy this weekend.

    Love, Macrina, Christopher, Emilia & Basil

  2. Hey, Kara,

    It's great to hear you and CJ made it home safe and sound, and especially to hear such positive news about your Mom. I can hear her "real" voice in the comment about looking like a million bucks. (In case she doesn't see this herself--YES--she does!!!)

    If you haven't already, please pass my contact info on to Karin: Kathy Johnson, 545-1833;

    Thoughts and prayers for Tuesday and beyond!

    Love, Kathy

  3. Hi Kara,

    Thank you so much for doing the blog, it's very informative. I'd love to go see your Mom, I miss her so! Is she up for a visit yet? If not please tell her she's in my thought's and prayers and I send my love.

    I would like to help in any way I can, including meals. Can you give me Karen's Crawford's#?

    Take care,
    Love Juliana

    P.S. I loved the story of CJ & the gum! He's so cute!