Friday, February 13, 2009

Status on Friday February 13, 2009

So mom was hospitalized and we don't know how long she'll be there. Her Oncologist and the Radiologist met to go over the results of the CT Scans. From February 2nd to February 11th the cancer has grown 20%. Doc says this is EXPLOSIVE GROWTH and he hasn't seen anything like it. The tumors are growing and they are pressing on her nerve endings. They are also pressing on other organs causing a lot of pain.

A urologist was sent in to monitor her kidney functions and they seem to be fine so far. A pain specialist came in today to determine better doses for her. She is on a lot of pain medicine and she is just exhausted. Today they inserted a PIC or Port so that she can be fed by IV (since she has not been able to eat).

She is at Memorial Hospital BUT at this time we'd like to ask that only FAMILY visits. She is not in any condition to see people and she needs to maintain a strong immune system so that she can get her next chemo treatment.

CJ and I will be in Santa Rosa till Tuesday (2/17) but Aunt Kathy (Mom's Sister) is getting here tonight and will be here until 2/27. We'll continue to assess her status and determine the best schedule for family and friends to help out.

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and helping hands!

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