Monday, February 16, 2009

No Visitors yet...BUT she's doing better

Ok so here is the scoop for this fine Presidents Day, 2009:

Her pain is pretty controlled now (YAY). Aunt Kathy says she only had to push her button a couple of times.

She is eating (WOO HOO). I hear she ate about 33% of her food (Pork chop, Green Beans, and Potato. She also liked the chocolate cake and milkshake they brought her).

Doc's been by to visit and he says - She'll probably be there another week at least but he agreed that she looks WAY Better now. He's keeping an eye on all her blood work because that will determine when he can administer her second chemo. HE is also considering a stronger dose of medicine (chemo) to be aggressive with the cancer.

She still is not up for visitors yet - but please know that she misses you all and is thinking about you...even while she's in the hospital!!!

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    Thanks Kara for doing this blog. We are all missing your mom and are keeping her and all of your in our thoughts and prayers.

    Much love to all,
    Bobbi, Petar & Gabe