Saturday, February 21, 2009

Volunteers, Meals, & Helping Hands

So many people have indicated an interest in helping out in many different ways!

I'm not sure of the best way to organize this...BUT...I know that Karin Crawford at the church will be organizing meals. Karin will be in touch with mom and dad to find out what they need and then will work from the list of church members AND family/friends that also want to help. I need to provide Karin with that list of family/friends though.

Down the road, there may be other things that Mom & Dad may need help with (ie. transportation to appointments, house keeping, laundry, etc).

I know that many of you had said you want to help but I'm going to ask that IF you want to provide a meal or lend a helping hand in another way - please email me your Name, Phone Number and Email. Please indicate the way in which you would like to help.

I will then compile the list of helpers and provide that to Karin so that she can be sure to include all you in the meal planning. I will also have a list of people and can contact you for other helping opportunities.

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